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Strict Senior Dominatrix

Celebrating 15 years of Madame Margi 2004 to 2019

Realistic roleplay and cp are my specialities

 Write to me by email: to apply for a personal appointment giving your name, age, location, health status and bdsm interests.


 Buy my DVD collection 

2005 to 2019 of Madame Margi

Double and Triple DVD compilations available to order

Free Videos (Downloads)
To see the videos you need to have Windows Media Player under Windows or Mplayer under Linux.


If you cannot see/play the video then it is due to missing codecs.
Please download and install the following file:

NEW triple disc cased DVD set available to order £60 GODDESS of the NORTH

More slave interviews to give more insight of my personal history.

Thigh boots feature often & in one unique clip you will see double MM!!

Genuine live session movies. I am the TOP in Goddess of the North

Truly awesome collection of genuine live session clips & interviews which show how passionate I am about domination

"Magnificent Madame Margi of Lancashire" triple disc set of beautifully packaged HD DVDs available NOW. Watch me take complete control of many different slaves. A strict judicial caning, hand tawsing, extreme spanking, sensual face smothering, boot worship, leg worship, trampling and wrestling. Admire my hourglass figure in silk blouses, tight leather skirts and pants, high heel boots, leather gauntlets, strict spectacles and mysterious masks. Thigh boots, ankle boots, knee high laced up boots and cruel pointed toed punishment shoes. I promise you that my DVDs are for every BDSM/Fetish taste. You will tremble at the sound of my voice and crack of my whips, tawses and canes.

Strictly Edinburgh and Lassie from Lancashire DVDs available together for 50GBP featuring a severe birching and extreme hand tawsing, spanking, boot worship and humorous realistic roleplay. Strict Headmistress is my favourite strict role.

NEW triple disc DVD Art of MM 2016 QUEEN of the CANE now available for 60 GBP featuring my first live interview


Dear Madame Margi

Your latest double DVD set in the Art of MM series is truly awesome. I espcially enjoyed the Strict Judicial Punishment of 100 strokes of your dragon cane. Your chosen outfit of purple silk blouse and short leather skirt with high heel boots is perfect. Your expression is so strict as you cane so accurately.

I must watch all your DVDs again now.

Thank you for giving us worthless Slaves so much pleasure with your DVD collections

Pretty Sissy Josey 1 March 2015

Dear Madame Margi

I wish to order your third DVD featuring the Office Boss and Nurse Severe and the awesome Officer Hell. I live in Melbourne Australia and you may remember that I purchase your first 2 feature length DVDs of 6 scenarios last year.

I have never seen a more dominant elegant mature woman on screen or indeed in real life than you are and when you are portraying different characters in your DVDs it just gets me so excited that I am ready to explode.

I also wish to purchase your entire Art of MM collection because I know that these will not dissappoint and keep me firmly in my true place beneather your killer stilletto heels.

Pat  Melbourne Australia

DVD NO 1: Madame Margi of Greater Manchester

Six scenarios conveying Madame Margi's commanding presence as U.K.'s most strict and sensual elegant mature dominatrix.

A convicted rapist Mr. Jones, hears his sentence and we see how Madame Margi ensures this sentence is carried out to her advantage while keeping him as a prisoner in her own home.

Madame only expects the most excellent Service of a Slave of which she has many. She smokes elegant cigarettes dressed in soft black leather and uses her slave as an ashtray, commanding full foot worship before issuing his punishment.

A young male unsuspecting hitch hiker is Kidnapped by Madame Margi and taken to her playroom for her amusement to his great surprise.

A prisoner found guilty of a disgusting crime is sentenced by Madame in her most strictest of roles to a Judicial sentence of 36 strokes of her Dragon Cane.

In Transformation of Mike Madame Margi is the strictest sexiest Head Mistress in spectacles as she punishes and transforms pupil Mike into a schoolgirl.

Madame arrives at a country hotel on her many travels and simply cannot resist keeping the young porter for her sensual pleasures and extra Room Service.

DVD No 2- Madame Margi of Greater Manchester


My second full length DVD is over 2 hrs long and features 5 very different scenes.
Doctor Margi
A very seductive and strict doctor Margi and assistant Nurse Judi have the extremely challenging task of curing a male patient of his inability to sustain an erection. Is it any wonder when he is wearing ladies panties on examination by Doctor Margi? I am sure you will all be envying this patient's position beneath Doctor and Nurse. Their methods are extremely inventive!! The newly acquired cock pump failed to have any effect but when Dr Margaron performs full weight face sitting wearing her black powerlace corsellette there seems to be an instantaneous reaction!
Strict Interrogation
Commander Madame Margi is ruthlessly powerful and sadistic in hre role as Chief Interrogator of a pathetic prisoner. Caged by Officer Judi he is brought before the leather clad smoking Commander in tight jodphurs and thigh boots. Together they cruelly torment and punish him in order to extract the password. The sound of their cruel whips cutting into his bare flesh will remain with you long after watching this scene. The ending is quite simply shocking and you will have to prepare yourselves to watch Madame Margi and her assistant Mistress at their awsome best. Not for the squeamish.
Strict Aunt Margi
You are all familiar with the elegant sight of Madame Margi in classic red satin blouse and long leather black skirt and boots, but are you prepared to see exactly how convincing she is as the extremely strict Aunt ? Nephew Trevor is discovered playing with himself and in possession of a pair of her panties! She is not amused at all and begins by severely slapping him across the face. Then it is time for the carpet beater for strict punishment. When he is broken down almost to tears and begging her forgiveness she leads him upstairs to her bedroom to use him for her pleasure and commands foot and leg worship while trampling him with her fluffy slippers! He will never disobey his Aunt Margi again!!
The Plumber
An innocent plumber calls at Madame Margi's house in Lancashire to repair a leaking tap in her kitchen. Dressed in black leather and boots Margi traps him with a hood and gag and keeps him in bondage in her chamber for endless torments and finally simulated degradation when he becomes her broken slut! Simply breathtakingly sensual and strict and showing Margi at her elegant best. Lucky plumber!!
Bank of Denial
The bank of denial is run by a very strict lady in ff seamed nylons and stilletto heels with high necked shirt and tie. The opening sequence is the very best footage ever of close up views of her endless legs stretched out on the table top as Madame smokes a More's cigarette. What a ruthless Bank Manager she turns out to be when an unsuspecting customer arrives for an interview hoping for a loan without too much interest!! The body hugging latex evening dress is worn for the second part of this scene and Madame shows you her skills of actor, photographer, model and simply the best dominatrix ever! Ache while you wish it was you on screen polishing every inch of that gorgeous rubber dress with your tongue! Sensational!!
Madame Margi DVD3 - Mistress Chameleon filmed entirely in Cologne Germany
Starring Officer Hell, Nurse Severe, Doctor Margaron, Commander Margi and introducing Mistress Judi

For Sale
Madame Margi's email training for Slaves Worldwide and personal items for sale.

Wish List

Any of the following items will please
me, and some more than others will keep you at the top of my list of favourite slaves!!

Madame Margi

My measurements are:

Size 14 - 16 dress size

My vital statistics are 40 30 40 inches (a true hourglass shape!)

My height without heels is 5' 8", with heels over 6'

Gio fully fashioned nylons size 10.5

Other stockings and tights large or tall for my endless legs

My shoe size is 7.5 and boot 8 or 9 depending on the height of heel and whether ankle, knee or thigh highs!

Glove size 7.50

Bra size 38e


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