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MadameMargi Forum  

Posts: 2596
Karma: 265  
Final session of 2015 - 2015/12/30 14:55 My final session of 2015 has just been concluded with my most devoted and bravest Sissy of all, my Prettykins. Not only did Prettykins brave the storm and floods here in the North West to drive almost 3 hours to arrive promptly but he also broke all previous records for strokes of the cane, hand tawsing, over my knee spanking, hair brush, paddle. SISSY tears almost flowed, no gag, no restraint. Pure and simple sheer bravery. All because this Lady loves to be sadistic and that your pain is always for my pleasure.

Nobody does it better than me and my Prettykins.

Photos and movies will be stunning.

Thank you my Prettykins for ensuring this year went out with a bang.

Madame Margi

Your Strict sadistic and very leggy Aunt
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 277
Karma: 163  
Re:Final session of 2015 - 2015/12/30 15:23 Madame

Thankyou for giving me such an amazing session earlier today.

I have made it home safely but I couldnt sit still on my way home due to the very hard caning you gave me!!

Madame you looked the most stunning I have ever seen you today.

You looked so very sleek and slender. Your cream satin blouse was a real treat to see.

Thankyou once again and I hope you have a wonderfull new year.

Your Prettykins
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