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MadameMargi Forum  

Posts: 2729
Karma: 266  
Gladiator meets Thor - 2017/08/02 10:44 Gladiator is a True Masochist & Leather Slut

Thor is a True Masochist & Leather Slave

What could be more exciting than to invite them both to session with me on the same day?

Who would have the reddest bum?
Who would kiss my thigh boots to my satisfaction & be rewarded with a glimpse of suspender?
Who will take 100 strokes of my cane?
Who will be spanked over my silken thighs?

Madame Margi

Goddess in Leather & thigh boots
(Flexing my cane)
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 55
Karma: 50  
Re:Gladiator meets Thor - 2017/08/05 18:15 I always look forward to being available to Madame Margi, obeying her slightest hint. To me it is important that Madame Margi always experiences the greatest sadistic enjoyment.
My visit to Madame was something different than usual, presenting me to one of her other slaves who was Gladiator and being with another slave was a new but exciting experience as it also put pressure on one's performance , Like being the best dustblower or could take more whips.
Madame had taken a seat on the couch, then she commanded us to kneel and kiss her long-shaved black leather riding boots, after which we worked against the soles that were to be licked clean and eventually it was the long heels that stood for a nice treat of Our tongues. After finishing work, I was very sore in my lips and my tongue was almost skinless by working on these wonderful boots while the scent of the beautiful leather makes me happy.
Punishment is a very important thing in order to serve Madame Margi, but also a very necessary thing for us, as slaves, never to doubt who determines and we should now bend over two chairs and Madame Margi explained that we Would get 100 with a cane, I first received 10 hard strokes and then got Gladiator and so on until we both had 100 hard strokes. It was a tough punishment and not just punishment but also to hear that Gladiator was punished was a tough punishment because I did not want me to be the first to groan and that meant the punishment felt tough.
I am looking forward to a new meeting where Madame Margi will make me feel her hard stroke.
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Posts: 2729
Karma: 266  
Re:Gladiator meets Thor - 2017/08/08 09:55 This double Slave challenge fantasy is now being arranged to ensure you take my challenge of 100 strokes of my sycamore cane roped together to ensure neither of you escape a single stroke. Afterwards my thigh boots will be gleaming from the efforts of your tongues & lips. Damp knicker gags essential with you my Viking & the Gladiator hooded with arms outstretched down on your knees ready for my most severe tawse of all. JJD Lochgelly 2 tailed tawse 10 times each!

Double the fun for me & double the pain for each of you.

Who shall I choose to stay overnight in bondage at the foot of my bed?

Madame Margi

Strict Leather Goddess in Thigh Boots
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