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MadameMargi Forum  

Platinum Boarder
Posts: 87
Karma: 52  
Golfer wearing knickers - 2018/03/12 22:45 I have always played golf but I am enjoying it much more now than I have ever done so before
All because I wear Madames satin knickers ever day I play
Over the 8 years I have been wearing Madames knickers I have won many prizes but even the days I do not win I am a winner having the honour to own and wear knickers worn by my owner
I often wonder what kinda knickers the posh ladies at the club are wearing but I always end up smiling to my self knowing that I am wearing knickers owned and worn by a Lady much more beautiful and elegant than any of them
I look forward to playing golf with Madame soon and wearing matching lingerie
Think I will be a very excited little sissy
Your adoring shamrock M M
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Posts: 2696
Karma: 266  
Re:Golfer wearing knickers - 2018/03/17 16:38 Happy St Patrick's Day my Shamrock. You truly are a real life Knicker Slave.

Thank you for your loyal support over the years and especially this year. The winter months have been truly difficult to cope with here in Lancashire but you have continued to ring me from the Emerald Isle bringing good cheer and bought me fabulous gifts such as the black satin fitted shirt and elegant cufflinks which I have been wearing in recent sessions and which you can admire on the latest photo shoot with Slave Thor. Yesterday I enjoyed 2 brilliant sessions with 2 of my favourite more local northern slaves. To celebrate St Patrick's day I wore the stunning Emerald Green pussy pow satin blouse with my longest most elegant black leather skirt and the brand new black leather boots bought by Slave Thor. My choice of gloves were the very elegant powerful fur lined black leather gauntlets bought as a Christmas gift for me by devoted Irish Slave in Chains. My choice of implement for sadistic strict punishment yesterday was indeed my Irish Strap.

I raise a glass of Port (bought by Irish Butler) to all of my Irish Slaves and Sissies who continue to support me in many ways. I have Irish blood in me and am very proud to be your Lancashire Rose of True Domination.

I vow to return to Dublin this year to drink a pint of Guinness and ride in a horse drawn carriage in the company of you my Top Irish Sissy Slave Shamrock. I look forward to fully transforming you into Satin Sissy Emerald and to fastening a new green leather collar around your neck with golden medallion insribed with your new Sissy name Emerald.

Emjoy my new photos on membership pages especially take note of the beauty of my new satin blouses.

Madame Margi
Satin Goddess and true disciplinarian of the Irish
St Patrick's Day
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