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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 55
Karma: 50  
A hard session slave thor - 2018/03/25 17:59 Another amazing 2 day session is over, but also my great interest in being subject to your strict rules, sardistic pain and my maschokistic pleasure to make it the biggest of the greatest.
To feel the pain of your well-placed stroke with your whip against my back and that you had put metal nipples on my nipples and the combination of back pain and nipples was a complete pleasure and pain. You have made me love the pain and use me as your slave forever and for me the most important words are obey, pain and pleasure.
I lick and kiss your booty soles, your booty heels with the greatest joy and allowed to feel your booty heel against my nipples which is very painful and very difficult to describe.
I will always be the perfect slave for Madame Margi as she allows me to invite her to dinner and sit and enjoy her amazing company while I feel pain after punishment is a great experience.
I love watching Madame in tight white riding pants and tight black long boots. And be allowed to be her pony where she rides around the seat over my back and guide me with her attached spurs and a riding whip.
Madame Margi has many ways to punish me and this time I should have 60 strokes and she commanded me to bend over a chair. I got 30 hard strokes over my bottom which I counted high. The last 30 strokes I had with a cane that I was allowed to choose and I chose Madame Margi's favorite cane the Dragon cane. I gave her the cane and she smiled while she flexed it after which she commanded me to turn over and bend over a chair. Soon after, the first hard stroke struck my bottom and immediately after the others followed. After 30 hard strokes, I kissed the cane as thanks for the pain as well as Madame Margi's hand.
I would also like to thank Madame for a hard but fair punishment as I look forward to the next time I'm allowed to meet with her ..
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Posts: 2729
Karma: 266  
Re:A hard session slave thor - 2018/03/26 09:41 Thank you my Slave Thor
Always a pleasure to tease torment & punish you in the knowledge that we will soon be enjoying an intelligent discourse over dinner while your stripes are still burning.

Your True Leather Goddess

Madame Margi
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