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MadameMargi Forum  

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Mutual trust - 2018/02/03 22:43 My role is to dominate & control you totally.

There will be no safe words, no mercy.

Your place is lowly, beneath my sharp heels.

You aren't worthy to kiss the hem of my skirt.

Ne me touche pas

Should I choose to restrain you securely in bondage by rope, silk scarves, tape, cling film DO NOT attempt to struggle or speak when gagged with my knickers & tape. I am focused on controlling you.

When I command you to kneel before me & hold out your hands DO NOT attempt to move. My intention has true purpose. I shall use my tawse to give you intense pain on your palms. DO NOT move.

Your pain is my pleasure. I am the Top & you are but a lowly slave. A speck beneath the sole of my boots. You shall be broken, crushed weeping. I shall smile with sadistic satisfaction.

Trust shall be mutual.

Madame Margi

The Legendary True Dominatrix of the North
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Mutual trust   
madamemargi 2018/02/03 22:43
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thread linkthread link Re:Mutual trust   
stockingslave 2018/02/04 10:42

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