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A FANTASY - 2018/02/10 16:21 I was summonsed by the North West’s Leading Strict, Sadistic, and Sexy Senior Disciplinarian ‘MADAME MARGI’ to attend her abode near Preston.

The fateful day arrived, I stood at the door trembling at the thought of my pending appointment, I knocked, minutes later the door opened and I was ushered into the hall, Madame standing there dressed as a Strict Edwardian Matron, long black skirt and white satin blouse. A black spandex hood was thrust into my hands and I was instructed to put it on. The hood was constructed with a padded area in the position of ones eyes so once it was on I could see absolutely nothing. Madame guided me into the lounge.

I was instructed to strip and as I removed each item of clothing Madame took it from me till I was standing there in naked darkness contemplating my fate. Before I realised what was happening my hands were cuffed behind my back, I felt some bands being tightened around my penis and Madame began to squeeze my nipples prior to applying strong clamps. I was instructed to lift each foot in turn and tight pants or knickers were pulled up my legs, before the pants were fully pulled up I felt Madame fiddling with the bands around my penis and then the pants were then pulled up tight.

I was guided forward and instructed to spread my legs, I felt cuffs being fixed around my ankles, I was told to spread my legs a little wider and a spreader bar was clipped to the cuffs, I was told to bend forward from my waist and was helped over what felt like a padded table, my wrists were released from each other and my arms stretched out in front of me and my wrist cuffs attached to another spreader bar which was then tightly attached to something in front of me. I was then further secured with straps in chest and waist positions, I was quite helpless and totally vulnerable to Madame Margi’s cruel whims.

After some minutes my pants were lowered and a thorough hand spanking commenced, after about five minutes the spanking stopped and Madame informed me that we would be playing guess the ‘Spanking Implement” game. I would be given six strokes of an implement and I had to guess what it was, if I got it wrong I would be given a further three stokes and two levels on the estim device that was attached to the bands around my penis.

The first implement was applied to my bare bottom, it was a paddle, but which one, it was not too severe, so I guessed tear drop paddle, I was right. The next one was also a paddle, a little more severe, I guessed the oval tan coloured paddle, wrong, it was the small rubber paddle, three swift spanks and a slight tingle in my private parts. The next implement felt like a strap, it was not split, it felt a little bit wide for the Irish strap, so I guessed the DD strap, wrong it was the DD paddle, again three swift spanks and a pulsing in my private parts, not unpleasant. I got the next three implements right, not good enough, madame had to make it harder, the pants were pulled up and the back of them soaked with water, this made the spanks much more painful and harder to identify and I got all the next five wrong, my bottom was throbbing and the estim was on level fourteen, the pulses were intense. I was all over the place sobbing and pleading for her to stop.
“How many implements did I use on you” Madame barked, “quick, don’t take all day”, ten I answered, it was eleven, it was pants down and ten strokes of the wicked martinet.

The pulsing in my private parts stopped, my pants pulled up, spreader bars removed and I was released from what turned out to be Madame’s bondage table and the painful nipple clamps removed. Madame removed my spandex hood and lead me upstairs for the next part of my disciplining.

Post edited by: Sissybloomer, at: 2018/02/13 16:57
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madamemargi 2018/02/13 16:46
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