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Re:A FANTASY - 2018/02/13 16:46 Very amusing indeed but you should know that certain wording is dangerous because my website is always under the prim prudish US eye of CC Bill.

Now I can continue this fantasy realistically Sissy Bloomer.

I led you upstairs on collar & lead into my BDSM Boudoir. I commanded you to stand to attention still attached to estim rubber rings while I set the remote control to full pulse. Standing within my suspension frame groaning & almost crying real Sissy Tears with arms by your sides wearing my pink sissy collar I began to wrap you from neck to ankles in heavy duty transparent industrial cling wrap. Your eyes opened wide & you whimpered at the vulnerable sight of your naked body being wrapped so tightly that it was impossible to move an inch & still the estim pulsed & your nipples continued to ache. I then began to attach your collar to rope & the wooden frame. You swayed slightly forwards &backwards but now the estim was set to really tingle severely on any movement. Ouch!

I then began to paint your face with powder eyeshadow & lipstick with fluttering long black lashes glued to your upper lids. Finally a very feminine dark brunette bobbed wig & pretty pink hairband.

I invite you to continue this fantasy tale of which many parts might indeed become reality.

What happened next Sissy Bloomer, Shamrock or Prettykins? Which one of you has enough imagination to continue this fantasy before I write the conclusion?

Madame Margi
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Sissybloomer 2018/02/10 16:21
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prettykins 2018/02/11 11:34
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thread linkthread link Re:A FANTASY   
madamemargi 2018/02/12 21:39
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thread linkthread link Re:A FANTASY   
madamemargi 2018/02/13 16:46
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thread linkthread linkthread link Re:A FANTASY   
Sissybloomer 2018/02/15 13:17

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