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MadameMargi Forum  

Posts: 2696
Karma: 266  
LEATHER WORSHIP - 2018/03/07 22:36 Worshipping me is always the highway to heaven.
Worship me in total leather is out of this world.
My leather wardrobe is entirely the finest of leather & most certainly not faux.

From my soft kid gloves, calfskin boots, to my most favourite leather of all which is exclusively from LAKELAND. The softest most enduring lamb nappa.

The leather dress you see in my flashing image which I designed myself is calfskin.

So to each and every leather adorer whether your fetish for a truly dominant curvaceous statuesque M M. How do you worship me in Leather?

I always dress to stun & excite every male who is fortunate to serve me. Should he confess to a deep passion for leather then he is in tune with my own passion.

The unique heady scent of truly beautiful and rather expensive leather is one to make you swoon. The way a beautifully cut & fitted leather garment is even more attractive. I wear my leathers well and with the fabulous collection of high heel boots I own & of course my 50 pairs of gloves I become a Goddess to fe worshipped by your eyes & your soft kisses. Never ever think that you will be allowed to slaver & lick my leathers. None of them. Lick the heels and soles. Sucking the sharp 6 " stillettos of my thigh boots will be your next step to heaven.

When I sit upon your face wearing my tight hot pants will be your next. Finally you will be striped good & hard by my finest unique leather strap. Yes BORIS the BIG! Alas you are not allowed to escape without a sweet taste of my jjd Lochgelly tawse. On your hands of course. Hand tawsing is my greatest skill so to attempt to grovel and beg not to receive my gift to you of warmed palms then you are foolish. My complete satisfaction is now complete. So as you crawl back into your corner on hands & knees, wearing my high leather collar, my leather harness and Slave waist clincher, my leather hood I shall sit upon my throne & smile and embrace the leathers I am wearing.

Madame Margi
Leather Queen
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Platinum Boarder
Posts: 295
Karma: 180  
Re:LEATHER WORSHIP - 2018/03/08 06:57 Madame it is always such an honour to be able to worship you in your full leather ensemble and you look stunning in leather hot pants!

I can only hope that when I am able to visit you again that you will allow me the great honour of kissing your leather boots!

For now I must worship your many wonderful photos!
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Posts: 2696
Karma: 266  
Re:LEATHER WORSHIP - 2018/03/10 22:13 Prettykins

There you are. Where have you been hiding these past weeks?Surely nothing is more important in your life than to serve me by email training as my Collared & named Sissy. You usually support me by sponsoring my leisure club membership & I must insist that you pay me for storing & laundering your Sissy wardrobe.

No excuses are good enough for me. Your lines must now be re written 200 times

Madame Margi is the True Leather Goddess

Get on with it or I shall crush your peeny & balls with my full weight wearing my thigh boots. Hot pants are really NOT elegant enough for me. My style us powerful elegance. NOT tarty!

That is your Sissy style. Pretty tarty slutty spankable Prettykins

Your True Leather Goddess
Madame Margi

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2018/03/10 22:17
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