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An incredible Session - 2018/07/28 17:02 What an incredible session I had with new Slave Pip yesterday.
This was his second visit to me and at the first he took 100 lashes.
Yesterday I introduced him to my JJD Lochgelly tawse. He obediently knelt before me with palms turned upwards and arms outstretched to await pain for my pleasure. 4 strokes on each hand.
I introduced him to spanking on his bare bottom over my silken thighs, firstly with leather gloved hands and then bare hands and paddles. Awesome.
Finally it was time for flogging and whipping in my BDSM Boudoir. I secured him by wrists and ankles spread eagled to my whipping frame. I flogged him at least 100 times with the soft lambskin flogger. Next I used the horse tail flogger which is very light but can sting and certain leaves redness. Another 100 strokes.
Then onto a more serious martinet although not my stiffest. Marks were now beginning to appear on both shoulders and upper back and also his bottom especially his bottom after the prolongued spanking. 100 strokes again.
Finally I used a stiffer martinet and whipped him with more intense concentration while he concentrated extra hard not to yell out but to take whatever I gave with accuracy and intensity. 200 strokes.

At last I stopped the whipping because I was breathless and very hot in the heat of the afternoon and because I had used all my physical power to energetically used my whips with accuracy and intensity.

I have never ever felt such euphoria from whipping a slave. I felt fantastic and so proud of what Pip had achieved. 500 strokes or more.

How I wish that more of my slaves would follow his example by putting their trust in my expertise and by respecting the dominant role I have. Far too many recently have been extremely rude online and even arrogant. I am a true Dominatrix. I command respect, obedience, loyalty and trust.

Thank you my amazing Slave Pip. For you are a true Gladiator indeed. I look forward to taking you further into your bdsm journey with me on your next visit.

Madame Margi
True Dominatrix
Whipping Base Lancashire
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