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MadameMargi Forum  

Platinum Boarder
Posts: 55
Karma: 50  
Strict punishment - 2017/10/01 12:34 A wonderful 2 day session is over and I never doubted who decided. Madame Margi is a great dominatrix with great conduct how to use a slave, obey and at the same time feel the pain of punishment.
I am proud to belong to Madame Margi. To be available to her whims and lusts and enjoy her genuine leather clothing, which she always wears in style.
The nough and only wearing leather necklace with a medallion with the inscription Thor as well as hand and leg cuffs in leather was my attire.
Madame was wearing silk-shirt, black leather vests black riding pants and black well-wearing ride boots with spurs.
I was wearing metal nipple clamps and commanded to put me on my back, after which I was used as a face cushion for madame while she was working my nipples and the pain was tough but I was unable to give a sound from me when I was surrounded by her bottom.
After this treatment, I was attached to a punishment bench where I got a tough fight with her tawse Boris and then followed by many strokes with her cane, which hurt just as much as the tawsen.
My bottom was very red and tender after the treatment and because I could really enjoy the pain, I was bound to
a wooden chair, so I could feel the hard punishment.
I am always looking forward to a new and tougher session and I thank Madame Margi many times for experiencing total submission and punishment.
Slave Thor
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Posts: 2733
Karma: 266  
Re:Strict punishment - 2017/10/05 10:08 Dear Top Slave Thor
You remain in First position because you always seek to please me with your thoughtful gifts, invitation to lunch & most of all you subscribe to email training, attend sessions frequently & promptly. You buy me fabulous leather boots. You obey my every command & ask me to be even more strict & to punish you as hard as possible by whip cane & tawse.

Boris is unique & perfect for using on your gigantic frame. You are my gentle sweet submissive giant. Thor might be your name but tender are your sweet kisses to my leather boots.

Wear your collar with pride.

Your True Leather Goddess

Madame Margi
  The administrator has disabled public write access.

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