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Fantasy - Disrespectfull Sissy - 2017/10/10 06:39 It was a sunny winter morning when I arrived at Madame Margi's house and I was feeling a little aprehensive.

Madame had ordered me to attend as her most obedient sissy and she had told me that a naughty sissy was going to be taught a lesson in respect.

Not fully knowing what Madame had in store I knocked on the front door and was greeted by Madame who was looking extremely strict in thigh high boots, leather pants and a tight white satin blouse! Her hair was tied up in a very strict fashion!

I was imediately ordered into her front room where upon she transformed me into her prettiest sissy in pink satin.

I was shocked as Madame then explained what she wanted me to do.

"Now my Sissy Prettykins you are going to show my disrespectfull Sissy Maid Marigold exactly how I expect my sissies to behave in my company. I already have her fully transformed upstairs in the punishment room where she is secured into the bondage frame!"

I felt extremley nervous as Madame led me upstairs and into the punishment room where upon I saw poor Sissy Marigold who had already been transformed into a pretty black and white maids outfit and was secured into the bondage frame.

For the next hour I was made to give Sissy Marigold a display of perfect obedience as Madame ordered me to perform curtseys followed by gently massaging her wonderfull legs. I could tell that Sissy Marigold was feeling very jealous at this point!

I was particularly embarassed when Madame ordered me to suck her cock! I hesitated at first which earned me a good hard over the knee knickers down spanking right in front of Sissy Marigold!

Satisfied with my behaviour Madame told Sissy Marigold to take note and treat Madame with more respect in the future.

Sissy Marigold was very appologetic and Madame allowed her release from the bondage frame and then put us both to work for the rest of the day carrying out domestic duties around the house like good sissy maids should.

I hope you like this short story Madame and hope it hasnt given you an idea for a future session?

Post edited by: madamemargi, at: 2017/10/10 14:11
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