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MadameMargi Forum  

Platinum Boarder
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Watching Your DVDs - 2018/07/07 15:41 Madame Margi,

I know that I have been unable to visit you as regularly as in the previous years that I have served you and whenever I do visit you our sessions are so amazing.

I am very lucky to own your many DVDs so that when I am unable to visit you I can re-live some of our most wonderful sessions and watch how easily you control me. And not to mention the many outfits you put me in.

I have just spent the afternoon watching "Goddess Of The North".

In one scene you have put me into a red satin maids dress, black lack gloves and a black Wig!

You are wearing a senstuous red satin pussy bow blouse and a short blak leather skirt.

You have me lick your shoes while you elegantly sip on a glass of wine like a true lady.

I love the way you act as if I wasnt even there as you just continue to sip your wine and reply to messages on your phone.

You do cross and uncross your long legs briefly to allow me to kiss them and you occasionaly tease my breasts before telling me to stand in the corner

There are so many outfits that you have put me into on this DVD. Sissy Elf, Slutty Red Devil, Red Satin Sissy Maid, Pink Sissy Nurse and also black petticoats, corset and pink wig.

Thankyou Madame for allowing me to serve you as best I can.

Your Prettykins
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Posts: 2733
Karma: 266  
Re:Watching Your DVDs - 2018/07/08 23:10 Many more photos of us & a new DVD shall feature you at the end of this year my Prettykins.

You remain my Number One Sissy of all & I look forward to dressing you up & taking full control of you once more in the near future.

Your Strict Senior Spanking Aunty Margi
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